"Metatron Holistic" is Metatron studio for Health care by High technology in Motoazabu, Minato-ku.

Metatron Holistic - Health care by High technology

BLINK 3-1-6 Motoazabu Minato-ku,
TOKYO, JAPAN. 106-0046
7 min. walk from Roppongi sta. Exit 3. Access

About Metatron 4D | Metatron Holistic - Health care by High technology

About Metatron 4D

We adopted the highest version that "Metatron 4D", named "Oriental Holistic".

  • Example photo of part of body 1 by MRT
    Example photo of part of body 1 by Metatron 4D
    Metatron 4D
  • Example photo of part of body 2 by Tomography
    Example photo of part of body 2 by Metatron 4D
    Metatron 4D
  • Example photo of part of body 3 by Ultra Sonography
    Ultra Sonography
    Example photo of part of body 3 by Metatron 4D
    Metatron 4D

Many of the Metatron salons are adopted 2D models, so please experience the highest model "Metatron" at our studio.

  • In addition, we should refuse the treatment who are wearing mechanical artificial organs and pregnant women, because the possibility of abnormalities is not zero.

About Metatron

"Metatron" was developed by IPP (Russian website , Japanese website ) in Russia for Health management and treatment illness without a doctor.

I'm sorry i'm late translate...
so if you want detail, please check at IPP website.

About Diagnostic psychoemotion

Emotional health is an important part of overall health.
People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
They’re able to cope with life’s challenges. They can keep problems in perspective and bounce back from setbacks.
They feel good about themselves and have good relationships.

So it is too important for your health care.

"4D Metatron" is able diagnostic any cellular imbalances on an emotional, psychological, or physical level.

About Meta-therapy

Meta-therapy is the most common therapy to restore organic frequencies.
It send reverse frequencies of the most appropriate "Normal optimal values", which are available in the given database, such as below.
It all varies according to the length of the pre-exiting problems, and the receptivity of the patient to the Meta-therapy.
If the problem is relatively recent, one treatment may be enough.

If the problem has existed for long time, the degree of entropy (misalignment from "Normal optimal values") in the organ is elevanted, then more than one treatment is necessary to regain order in the structures and frequencies.

About Meta-therapy
Send reverse frequencies

  • Metatherapy is not a cure for illnesses / symptoms (or an alternative to them), but a one way for enhancing the natural healing ability.

IPP's Introduction video

  • The "Metatron" that we adopted is non-medical version. And our treatment isn't include medical things.
    So we can present only non-medical information from Metatron's output.